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Nayapurano was born with an aim of offering a range of refurbished smartphones at knockdown prices to the general public. We want to revolutionize the process of buying or selling used phones. Make it more reliable, convenient and trustworthy for our customers.

How to be sure to pay the right price?

  • certified
    Exclusive certified phones

    Fully inspected renewed phones available just for you.

  • device
    Good as new device

    Including all peripherals & cosmetics of phones, comes up tp 1 year warranty

  • Best price
    Best price on the market

    Based on overall inspection of your device, the system generates genuine best price.

  • Hassle free purchase
    Hassle free purchase

    No middleman, No opaque pricing. You like it, you buy it.

Grading Evaluation

The products you’ll find here at nayapurano are inspected by highly skilled professionals. And to top it all our diagnostic software provides the “icing on the cake”.

Our state of the art InspecTec Diagnostic Software runs a series of various tests that provides us with the actual condition of the smartphone.

Grading Evaluation

Rehome your tech: The Ecofriendly Solution

We want to empower our value conscious customers to upgrade to a better piece of technology. When you rehome your phones, we give you better prices for your phones, keeping you and your wallet happy.